Is Ann B. Davis Jewish?

No, Ann B. Davis was not Jewish. The actress who played Alice on The Brady Bunch was Episcopalian. She died June 1 after falling in her home. She was 88 years old.


  1. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! It's so up to date, much better than that other Jewish website not mentioning any names *(cough, cough)* Jew or Not Jew *(cough, cough)* who not only profile Jews or Not Jews no one's ever heard of but does not keep up with the news or current events!!! JEWISH OR NOT! I LOVE YOU!!! So much better than that other Jewish website. Well done, keep it up! :)

  2. Although she may have not have practiced being Jewish. She may have been BORN Jewish? No?

  3. Another ignorant answer. "She was an Episcopalian". Jewish has to due with you racial background (your heritage, your ancestry), not the religion you practice. Anyone can join a Jewish religion. That does not make them Jewish. Whoever is answering with these politically correct answers needs to work on a different site.


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