Is Rashida Jones Jewish?

Rashida Jones is a Jew. The TV and movie actress (and occasional singer) Rashida Jones was born in Los Angeles, the younger daughter of media mogul, producer, and musician Quincy Jones, and actress Peggy Lipton. She has an older sister, Kidada Jones, and five half-siblings by her father's other relationships.

The Parks and Recreation star's mother is Ashkenazi Jewish (a descendant of immigrants from Russia and Latvia) making her Jewish. Her father, Quincy Jones is of mostly African-American, as well as Welsh, ancestry.

Rashida attended Hebrew school, but never had a bat mitzvah. She was raised in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. In November 2012 Rashida Jones joined Jimmy Fallon on his late-night TV show to sing about spinning dreidels on Hanukkah.

According to an article in American Jewish Life Magazine:

Ironically, Jones had “identified strongly with black culture” in high school and considered that criteria in her college choice, but in the end found her niche with Jewish friends. “Junior year, I started dating a guy who was Conservative and had an Orthodox brother and practiced more than I did, was more devout than I was,” she explains. “We had a group of friends who were Jewish so I naturally gravitated towards that culturally and religiously, which was cool because I didn’t have a bat mitzvah. I left Hebrew school when I was 10 because the girls were kind of snotty and I hadn’t gone back to exploring it. Being biracial and Jewish, I’m kind of given permission to explore whatever culture goes along with that. If I were just black and not Jewish I wouldn’t have had that entrĂ©e.”

Jones, whose mother grew up in an observant home in Lawrence, New York, has fond memories of Jewish celebrations of her youth. “We always celebrated the High Holidays. I did fast in high school for Yom Kippur and attend services. We always went to seder for Passover. I really liked the cultural and the familial side of Judaism. It was always the most comfortable place for me, making time for family and community.”

When she was 10, Jones attended a Passover seder at Beverly Hills’ Chasen’s restaurant. “I remember I found the afikomen and I got $100, which at the time was a ridiculous amount of money. I was actually happier about the candy I got than the money,” she laughs, noting that she traditionally celebrates the holiday with good family friends, the Ostins. “My memories of Jewish holidays were associated with them and have always had that positive aspect, very comforting,” she notes.

While she sometimes regrets not having a bat mitzvah, it doesn’t diminish her faith. “In this day and age, you can choose how you practice and what is your relationship with God. I feel pretty strongly about my connection, definitely through the Jewish traditions and the things that I learned dating the guy that I dated. My boyfriends tend to be Jewish and also be practicing,” she muses. “I don’t see it as a necessity, but there’s something about it that I connect with for whatever reason. I think it probably has a lot to do with my mom, the way I grew up, and the family friends that we had and the paradigm that I saw of family life and what I would want for myself, and that was all kind of interconnected.”
In 1994, Jones published an open letter in response to Tupac Shakur's criticism of her parents' interracial marriage. Before Tupac Shakur's murder, Rashida Jones became friends with the rapper, who was engaged to Rashida's sister before he was killed.

Is Rashida Jones Jewish


  1. Is she wearing a dress or just a top?? Also, can you please disclose the designer? Thank

  2. Why does it matter what religion she practices? She is entitled to worship as she wishes.

    This is one beautiful woman!

    1. It matters what religions she practices because it matters to her. And this is an article about her. Duh!

    2. Plus this website is "Jewish or Not?" What is Scott Lambie doing on this website if he thinks this question doesn't matter?

  3. A very nice story about someone who appears to be very together. Two things: Rasheda's maternal grandfather, Harold Lipton (father of Peggy Lipton), one co-owned the Boston Celtics in the late 1970s. Also, there are important words missing from your story. "The Parks and Recreation star's mother is Ashkenazi Jewish (a descendant of immigrants from Russia and Latvia) making her Jewish" is incorrect, by omission. The religion of a Jewish mother "makes" an offspring Jewish according ONLY to Jewish law. As free people, parents may raise their children in whatever religion the parents choose and at age 18, or sooner, the children can do as they choose. There is nothing automatic, just because a mother is Jewish. We must live by the laws of the United States of America, which do not contain any language "making" someone Jewish or Gentile.

    1. it's good to be anonymous. your last statement was kind of stupid.

    2. ^Totally agree with you 100%. He was going so well up until the last line: "We must live by the laws of the United States of America, which do not contain any language "making" someone Jewish or Gentile." First off that makes NO sense what so ever and secondly why should we live by the laws of America? The rich and the elite and the high profile judges and lawyers get away with everything. Why should we as citizens have to obey the law if the so called "social betters" don't!!!???!!!

  4. Man she is annoying



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