Is Andre Tippett Jewish?

Yes, Andre Tippett is Jewish. The former NFL player for the New England Patriots is a member of the National Football League Professional Football Hall of Fame as well as the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Tippett was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Barringer High School in Newark, New Jersey. He first attended college and played football at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls in 1978. Andre Tippett married the Jewish Rhonda Tippett (née Kenney) with a rabbi officiating in 1993. Tippett, who was born and raised Baptist began taking Judaism classes that led to his conversion in 1997.

Together the couple has three daughters, Janea Tippett, Asia Barnes and Madison, and one son, Coby. Tippett and his family currently lives in Sharon, Massachusetts, and is a Pop Warner football coach.

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