Is Donald Sterling Jewish?

Yes, Donald Sterling is Jewish. The controversial owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was born Donald Tokowitz on April 26, 1934. In 1957, Sterling married Rochelle ("Shelly") Stein, who is also Jewish. The couple has three children: Scott Sterling (deceased), Chris Sterling, and Joanna Sterling.

He added Sterling as his last name as an adult. Sterling was born in Chicago, Illinois to Susan and Mickey, both Jewish immigrants. He and his family moved to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles when he was two years old. He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, where he was on the school's gymnastics team and served as class president; he graduated in 1952. He next attended California State University, Los Angeles (Class of 1956) and Southwestern University School of Law (Class of 1960) in Los Angeles.

Beginning in 1961 Sterling began to make his career as a divorce and personal injury attorney. Having no chance at working for most prestigious law firms, he built an independent practice and claimed that he tried 10,000 cases. His biggest ventures were in real estate, which he began when he purchased a 26-unit apartment building in Beverly Hills.

Sterling's wife is currently suing Sterling's mistress Vanessa Stiviano, 38. According to the lawsuit, Donald Sterling has used their community funds to lavish a multiple of gifts on Stiviano, who has five aliases. According to the Los Angeles Times, those gifts include $1.8 million for the purchase of an apartment in downtown L.A., $240,000 in living expenses, a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover!

On April 25, 2014, TMZ Sports released what it said is an April 9, 2014 audio recording of a conversation between Sterling and Vanessa Stiviano. According to TMZ, Sterling and Stiviano argued in regards to a photo Stiviano posted on Instagram in which she posed with Magic Johnson.[18] In the audio recording, Sterling allegedly tells Stiviano: "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people."

In a newly released audiotape of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s notorious racist remarks to his girlfriend, he seems to justify his views of African-Americans by noting how in Israel “the blacks are just treated like dogs.”

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  1. I don't know any men that would be pleased that their girlfriend who is Black-Mexican was snuggling up to another man, Black or not, and he was willing to tolerate it as long as it wasn't in public. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP for donating to Black kids. His generations was the one that largely financed the civil rights movement and was quite friendly with black people before the Black Muslims turned the Blacks away from the Jews. I can't imagine any real racists, like the Nazi or KKK members doing such things. Plus he says he loves Blacks, has Black best friends and has proclaimed over and over he is not a racist.


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