Is Simon Cowell Jewish?

Is Simon Cowell a Jew? According to the website, Simon Cowell has a Jewish father and is planning to marry his Jewish girlfriend in a Jewish ceremony:

The British musical reality shows judge is said to be taking Israeli folk dance classes in preparation for his wedding to his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, who is Jewish. According to reports, the couple's wedding will be officiated by a rabbi. The Daily Mall reports that Simon Cowell, 54, the English eternal judge of musical reality shows, plans to get married in a Jewish wedding, his good friends say. Cowell, who was born to a Jewish father, is set to marry his pregnant Jewish girlfriend Lauren Silverman in the coming year, and the two will be blessed by a rabbi.

Wikipedia reports that "Cowell was born in Lambeth, London, England, and brought up in Elstree, Hertfordshire.His mother, Julie Brett (née Josie Dalglish), is a former ballet dancer and socialite, and his father, Eric Selig Phillip Cowell (1918–1999),was an estate agent developer and music industry executive.Cowell's father was from a mostly Jewish family, though he did not discuss his background with his children (Cowell's paternal grandmother had immigrated from Poland). Cowell's mother was from a Christian background, and is of part Scottish descent. He has a younger brother, Nicholas Cowell, three half-brothers, John, Tony, and Michael Cowell, and a half-sister, June Cowell."

According to an article in Haaretz, titled "Is Simon Cowell planning on converting to Judaism?":

A report in The Daily Mirror suggests so. According to the British tabloid, the "X Factor" boss, 54, is planning to embrace the Jewish faith of his girlfriend and soon-to-be mother of his first child Lauren Silverman, 36. Silverman isn't Cowell's first connection with Judaism; according to "Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell," the celebrity's father was Jewish, but didn't share the religion with his children. The TV mogul was raised Roman Catholic, but has previously expressed little interest in religion, the Mirror said.
The Mirror report also states that after he converts, Cowell will embark on a secret trip to Israel. “Simon is getting increasingly excited about becoming a daddy," a source told the Mirror. “He really is embracing fatherhood and wants to be the first person to cradle his new-born son. He is open to reason on the subject of religion and the faith in which his son is brought up. But he is naturally inquisitive and really wants to visit Israel so that he can make a more informed decision.” Cowell’s son is due on February 28, the source added. "Contrary to reports, Cowell intends to be at the birth and has booked out a top £12,000-a-night private hospital in the US ahead of Lauren’s elective C-section," the Mirror report states, "And while he is keeping quiet about the baby’s first name, he has told pals the middle one will be Eric – after his late father." The Mirror reported that following the baby's birth, the couple will settle down in Cowell's west London mansion. Cowell recently made headlines in Israel when he donated some $150,000 to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. At a fundraising gala event in Los Angeles, the organization raised $20 million.
It was also reported that Cowell was considering taking traditional Israeli dancing lessons in preparation for his upcoming wedding to Silverman.

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  1. "traditional Israeli dancing lessons"

    Dancing on the bodies of dead Palestinian children?


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