Is Charlize Theron Jewish?

No, Charlize Theron is not a Jew. Theron is a South African actress known for her roles in Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, Monster, Young Adult, Snow White & the Huntsman and Prometheus.

Charlize Theron Jewish

Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa. She is the only child of Gerda and Charles Theron. Her ancestry includes French, German, and Dutch and her French forebears were early settlers in South Africa.

Theron's career began at age 16 when she began modeling and moved to Milan, Italy. A year later she came to the US and after struggling in New York, moved to LA. A short time later she got her first role in a film in Children of the Corn III. Her career took off from there.

Although Theron is not a Jew, she has been spotted wearing a red string bracelet, a sign of her connection to Kabbalah.


  1. Yes she is, just like all actors and famous people. Apart from the phenotype, there's one more thing: Gentiles (unlike crypto-Jews) won't be accepted in a number of industries, acting included. The point is that part-Jews and Cryptos are used to market them as Gentiles since we people don't tend to trust Jews, and in that case all that propaganda activity can prove to be in vain. But for the recent years they're not even trying to hide their true faces, when a 19th-century white female character is played by a 100% Jew with very specific features. They just don't fear anything since they're backed up by all that Zionist money and political influence.
    Some minor white genes, dyed blonde hair, some makeup, skin-lightening, maybe a nosejob - and movie viewers will think that the actress is white. Or maybe lip gel injection to attract the male audience. Fake industry, fake ethnicity, fake everything. Anthropology is a potentially great science - it'd help people see more than their stereotypes, it could help expose a lot of Cryptos. The very fact that in the US Jews are only identified by their religion means that it's the homeland for many-many Crypto-Jews and really explains their politics.

    P.S. A Gentile can't be accepted as a member of Kabbalah, since it's only for Gentiles, their native religions or idelogies are forbidden, but not for Jews (if you have all the money, though stolen, will you make limitations for your own native people?). Red string is a blatant sign of a Kabbahlist. And Kabbalah is not just another sect or fashion, it's Satanism. The red strings fashions indicate that the whole Jewliwood is actually Jewish. But I think it's been known from the very starts, it's just the Jews still try to pretend like no one knows, cowards.

    1. I still dream of the awareness western civilisation had pre 1939. The jew is physically cowardly and succinctly devious. Israel has been paid for in goyim blood yet the parasites always find a reason to stay in white Christian countries...the skinchanger is an egregious affront to all peoples

  2. You sir are an idiot!

    1. you are a jew supremacist denier

  3. I concur you are an idiot. The Roman Catholic chuch runs hollywood.The jews are just a front

  4. ~ Confirmed by Charlie Theron Herself in DVD Commentary ~

    Just thought I'd update your webpages mistake. Someone should update her wikipedia to be honest. It takes a little deeper research ;)

    There is a commentary extra by Theron and the director on the DVD for the movie 'Aeon Flux' (2005).

    At 43.40 mins into the commentary Theron starts talking about the location of filming in Berlin.

    She states (direct quote from commentary): "This was another interesting location, which, given that it's Berlin, was difficult for me, I'm half Jewish, and it's a contemporary building, but it is a crematorium, and there was a lot of mixed emotions being in a space like this, which was not around during the Nazi era, and yet of course brought of all of those emotions and all of that conflict of filming in Germany to the surface".

    You can't argue with own her words.


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