Is Olivia Wilde Jewish?

Olivia Wilde is not a Jew, although she does have distant Sephardi Jewish ancestry. Wilde is known for her roles in The Girl Next Door, Tron: Legacy, and Cowboys & Aliens.

Olivia Wilde Jewish

Wilde was born in New York City. Her mother, Leslie Cockburn, is an American-born 60 Minutes producer and journalist. Her father, Andrew Myles Cockburn, a journalist, was born in London and raised in Ireland. Wilde's ancestry includes English, Irish, Scottish, Manx, and German and she is also of more distant Sephardi Jewish descent from a paternal ancestor, Ralph Bernal, a British Whig politician and actor.

Wilde has dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. She derived her stage name "Wilde" from Irish author Oscar Wilde, which she changed in high school, to honor the writers in her family, many of whom used pen names.

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