Is Emma Stone Jewish?

Emma Stone is not a Jew. Stone is famous for her acting, in films such as The Help, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Easy A and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Emma Stone Jewish

Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. Stone's parents are Krista (née Yeager), a homemaker, and Jeff Stone, a contractor. Stone's paternal grandfather was of Swedish descent, and his family's surname was anglicized to "Stone" when immigrating to the U.S. through Ellis Island; some of her ancestors also lived in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Stone attended Xavier College Preparatory, an all-girl Catholic high school, as a freshman for one semester. She convinced her parents to let her move to California for an acting career and in January 2004, moved with her mother to a Los Angeles apartment, at the age of 15. She was then home schooled, so that she could audition during the day.


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  5. Im a muscle guy and i was really sad when gwen stacy fell in the amazing spider man 2 .. Almost had her..Now im mad.. She was so hot too!! R.I.P. Gwen stacy.

    1. I totally agree!!! Listen to my interview of her!

      I love her even more now!!

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  7. We picked her out years ago in one of those silly teen movies. We said, she's the real deal. Born with it. She'll be around as long as she wants. Be picky Miss Stone

  8. she looks so copy of Amy Mcdonalds, interesting..

  9. I think Jennifer Lawrence is more beautiful and funny. Emma is ok, but I prefer Jennifer


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