Is David Gregory Jewish?

Yes, David Gregory, a journalist and host of NBC's Meet the Press, is Jewish. Gregory was born to a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother, but was raised in the Jewish faith and now lives an active Jewish life.

Gregory told the Washington Jewish Week that he says a bedtime Sh'ma prayer with his children as a way to model Judaism for them and "create a Jewish narrative in their lives that's not just obligatory." In the same article, he said that he has studied Torah with Erica Brown, scholar-in-residence of the Greater Washington Jewish Federation.

David Gregory was born in Los Angeles, California to Carolyn Surtees, an account manager, and Don Gregory, a film and theatrical producer. Gregory has been the NBC chief White House correspondent and is an occasional personality on NBC's Today Show.

Gregory is married to former federal prosecutor and former Fannie Mae executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, Beth Wilkinson, who is not Jewish. The couple met while Gregory was covering the Oklahoma City bombing as a reporter and Wilkinson was serving as prosecutor on the case. The couple has a son and twins — one daughter and one son.

According to Wikipedia, Gregory was assigned by NBC to the press corps covering George W. Bush when he ran for president in 2000. During the campaign, Bush threw a party for Gregory's 30th birthday, complete with cake, on the campaign plane. Bush has nicknamed Gregory "Stretch" because of his height (6'5") and also "Dancing Man," for Gregory's occasional propensity to display his dance moves.


  1. Love David Gregory's balanced views & upbeat personality! So nice to see a national newsman who doesn't let his own choices sneak into political views. Admire his manner & preparation on Meet the Press.

  2. I sure hope Ms. Brown, the scholar-in-residence, taught Mr. Gregory about the talking snake, the talking donkey, and the magical trees in Genesis. It is quite confounding in the second decade of the 21st century, that an educated, critical-thinking person like Mr. Gregory would believe in the made up religion of Judaism--that's the one in which Semite tribes people were driven out of northern Egypt some 3300 years ago, and because they were not totally annihilated by the Egyptians they declared themselves, "God's Chosen For All Time".
    Barry Gram Carol Stream, Illinois


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