Is Jose Bautista Jewish?

Jose Bautista is Jewish. The right-handed pitcher was born José Joaquín Bautista Arias in 1964 in Baní, Dominican Republic. Bautista was born to a Dominican father and an Israeli mother.

Bautista's mother's family was originally from Russia. His father was born in the Dominican. Jose Bautista and his wife, who is Russian, are observant Jews. The Bautistas maintain a Kosher home.

The Dominican Republic has a small (around 300) Jewish community and Jose Bautista is the only Major League Baseball player from the Dominican Jewish community.

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  1. I just watched him pitch today (4/5/14) against the N.Y. Yankees on t.v. They said he did not
    originally want to be a pitcher but that was his only alternative to be in THE BIG LEAGUES.
    Hey Jose,welcome to THE TRIBE brother!


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