Is Ray Bradbury Jewish?

Ray Bradbury was not Jewish. The famous author was born in 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois and died on June 5, 2012.

Bradbury was born to to Esther Moberg Bradbury and Leonard Spaulding Bradbury. His mother was a Swedish immigrant. His father worked as a power and telephone lineman. Bradbury was married for 56 years to his muse and late wife, Maggie.

Ray Bradbury was descended from Mary Bradbury, who was tried at Salem witch trials in 1692.

In interviews, Ray Bradbury claimed to be a "delicatessen religionist" and not a member of one particular faith. He explained that he drew from many faiths and credited God for being such an amazing and prolific writer. In a 2010 interview with CNN, he said he decided to write his first short story at 12his friendships with everyone from Walt Disney to Alfred Hitchcock—is based on love.


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