Is Daniel Tosh Jewish?

Daniel Tosh is not Jewish. Some people think that Daniel Tosh is a Jew based on his comedy, but he's not Jewish. His father is a preacher.

Tosh was born in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany and grew up in Titusville, Florida.


  1. He uses Jewish content, because he's got Jew writers. Plain and simple How many people still think a front man on a TV show, creates their content on the spot? Rubbish.

  2. Daniel Tosh is ultra sexy.

  3. I'm crying and want to commit suicide. I will cut off and smoke his foreskin in my crack pipe before I die. Thx!

    (This was my dream last night. A creamy dream, not a night-mair.)

  4. This is the end of self-respect in America and Canada. His routine screams of mental child sexual abuse. Demon possession comedy is the very bottom and foundation of the gay gestapo.

  5. Just saw a little bit of his show today and I agree - disgusting and ridiculous - and he reads this crap to young children ?! Unbelievable! I completely agree with the previous commenter - I also think it borders on child abuse. Horribly misogynistic and crass and I hope these kind of shows just get pulled off the air.


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