Is Jack White Jewish?

Jack White is not Jewish. The former singer of the White Stripes who now has a solo career does not disclose his religion.

According to a Time Magazine article, "in 1996, John (Jack) Gillis and Megan (Meg) White, got married, and Jack took Meg's last name. Jack says he grew up with ten older siblings in the southwest Detroit house he currently shares with roommates, and this is rumored to be true. Meg, he claims, grew up in the suburb of Grosse Pointe. By 1997, they had formed The White Stripes, and over the next two years they recorded an obscure, worthy self-titled album and numerous obscure, worthy singles." The couple has since divorced and the band has split up. 


  1. His religion is Catholic! idiots...

    1. On the record dumb ass. b ut the real truth is that he is Jewish. No talent but heavily promoted+ Jewish.

  2. I have it on good authority that Mr. Jack White is one hundred percent man.


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