Is Justin Bieber Jewish?

Justin Bieber is not a Jew. The Web search "Is Justin Bieber Jewish" is very popular, however the young superstar is not a Jew. Justin Bieber is a Christian and has stated that he has a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Is Justin Bieber Jewish
Justin Bieber is not Jewish, but here he is at a friend's bar mitzvah wearing a yarmulke.

According to blogger Rabbi Jason Miller, writing in the Huffington Post, "Though the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is not Jewish, he has a ritual of saying the most important statement to the Jewish people before each of his concerts. It turns out that his agent, Scott 'Scooter' Braun, taught Bieber the 'Shema Yisrael' and now the 16-year-old says those Hebrew words (in addition to a Christian prayer) before taking the stage."


  1. Justin beiber is jewish I can tell because he is wearing a keepa and jews wear those

  2. Any one can put on a keepa. It doesn't mean that he's Jewish

  3. justin is not jewish he's a christian


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