Is Danny DeVito Jewish?

No, Danny DeVito is not a Jew. DeVito is of Italian descent and was raised a Roman Catholic.

Danny DeVito has been married to actress Rhea Perlman since 1982 and she was raised Jewish. The couple has three children.

Is Danny DeVito Jewish


  1. He looks Jewish to me....and he's married to one!

  2. Are rhea perlman's children raised jewish because if the mother is jewish & the father isn't the the children are automatically raised jewish

  3. Yeah you're right Anonymous1 but he's not. And as for Anonymous 2. Not necessarily so. You see Pete Doherty of the Libertines Father was Catholic but his Mother's Father was Jewish. But he was raised Catholic. So you never know. I mean techincally his Mother isn't Jewish because she only had a Jewish Father, but he was raised Catholic, not Jewish.

  4. Even if they dont practice their religion, the genes are still there.

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    2. Judaism is a religion not a race. Any person from anywhere on the earth can convert to Judaism. There are no Jewish genes just like there are no Christian or Muslim genes.

  5. Most actors in Hollywood are Jewish they come from all nationalities but only one true alliance Jewish blood. In the case of Danny Devito, his mother was Jewish. Hollywood is completely dominated by them as well as all mass media. From directors, producers, writers to actors, you will only see what they want to show you and brainwash you.


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