Is Drew Barrymore Jewish?

Drew Barrymore is currently not a Jew according to Rabbi Jason Miller on his blog. However, the actress is planning to convert to Judaism in 2012 before she marries her fiancee Will Kopelman.

Drew Barrymore's friend and frequent co-star Adam Sandler is reportedly offering guidance to Barrymore during her transition to the Jewish faith.

Is Drew Barrymore Jewish

According to her Wikipedia entry, "Barrymore was born in Culver City, California to actor John Drew Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore (née Makó). Her mother was born in a Displaced Persons camp in Brannenburg, West Germany to Hungarian World War II refugees. Barrymore's father was of mainly English and Irish ancestry."


  1. You cannot convert to Judaism any more than you can convert to being chinese, sorry Drew.

  2. Really UK Rapper? I was able to convert to Judaism and I am considered Ashkenazi. Ruth converted to Judaism as did many others. Once one has converted, one is considered as if you were Jewish by birth.


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