Is David Lee Roth Jewish?

Yes, David Lee Roth is a Jew. The lead singer of Van Halen was raised Jewish by his Jewish father Nathan Roth, an ophthalmologist, and his non-Jewish mother Sibyl Roth.

David Lee Roth is included in the original Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song.

Is David Lee Roth Jewish


  1. Hey there... I'm a big, big fan of VAN HALEN Particulary of David Lee Roth's vocals and stylings, I have all of his and Van Halens albums up until 1984! I didn't like it when Sammy Hagar joined the group, the band lost all it's fun and took themselves way to seriously. When David "quit" the band or was "fired" from it, I stopped buying Van Halen albums all together even though my friends said that the New Van Halen rules... Pfft... Anyway is it true that David only had a Jewish Father And a NON-JEWISH Mother? Where did you find your facts for this? I thought he was 100% Jewish is it really true that he's only half-Jewish on his Father's side and NOT JEWISH on his Mother's?!? Please answer, this question for me please... Thank-you! :)

  2. David Lee Roth is 100% AWESOME!!!!!

  3. True that!^ But that doesn't answer my question now really, does it?

  4. What does it matter if he is 100% genetically Jewish or not? Isn't the IMPORTANT thing that he was brought up religiously Jewish? Does it really "burst your bubble" if ethnically he is not totally Jewish?? Stop being such a racial bigot and just like people for who they are and/or admire them for what they have accomplished in life.

    1. David Lee Roth is 100% JEWISH!!! Your facts are wrong I found the source and proof from this website: David Lee Roth — Ethnicity of Celebs | What Nationality Ancestry Race
      Feb 7, 2016 - They were both from Jewish families, that had immigrated from Russia ... Sources: Genealogy of David Lee Roth (focusing on his mother's side) ...

      The source I provided you with above is always 100% accurate.
      Please change it. Thank-you. :)


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