Is Sarah Silverman Jewish?

Yes, Sarah Silverman is Jewish. Sarah Silverman, the youngest of four daughters, was born in Bedford, New Hampshire. Both of her parents are Jewish. Sarah Silverman has an older sister who is a Reform rabbi and lives with her husband and their children in Israel. While she wasn't raised in a traditional Jewish household, she has spoken about being a proud member of the Jewish people and has embraced her Jewishness (or in her words: "Jewy-ness").

Sarah Silverman spoke to Piers Morgan about her Jewish identity and later restated it in an interview for Boston University's Elie Weisel Center for Judaic Studies alongside her sister Rabbi Susan Silverman. She said, "I don't have religion personally. But I'm Jewish in that it's in my bones."

Is Sarah Silverman Jewish

In February 2014, US Weekly reported that Sarah Silverman is dating actor Michael Sheen. Michael Sheen is the star of “Masters of Sex.” Sheen is not Jewish. Silverman’s on-again-off-again five-year relationship with Jimmy Kimmel ended in 2009. In the past, Michael Sheen has been linked to VH1 “Morning Buzz” host Carrie Keagan and “Midnight in Paris” co-star Rachel McAdams since his split with Kate Beckinsale.

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